Free Play And Pegagogy in Playgrounds

Surfing the internet, we have discovered a Canadian company dedicated to playground spaces: Jambette. On its website you can find a lot of information about free play; highlights a downloadable publication about this concept that we found very interesting, and of which we leave you the link. Like us, it delves into the precepts of free play and highlights the importance of pedagogy as a fundamental basis for the design of elements and spaces. But it also introduces other points of view that we have found very interesting. Essential reading for all those those sell or design playgrounds.

We are happy to see that more and more companies are focusing their speech on the essential and traditional values ​​of free play, joining our cause. In Galopín, from our beginnings, we have always defended the need of free play in the physical, cognitive and emotional development of children, and of course the application of the main pillars of pedagogy in our designs.

Galopín Free Play


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