Company and Playgrounds, at the Service of Humans

It’s not just about making money. The objective of a company should be to do something worth doing and, as a consequence, to be profitable and generate wealth. Creating a better world for children and adults, through non-directed play, which promotes socialization and integration and also contributes to improve the urban environment, is what guides the entire Galopín team.

Since I landed on Galopín and in this new sector, 2 years ago, I have been discovering the parallelism between, in my opinion, the “ideal of company” and the “true dimension of playgrounds”. In business we talk about human and team capital; there is no good design of a playground without collaboration and integration of profiles from different disciplines.

The non-conformist spirit and desire to improve, which must prevail in the business world, is reflected in the value that the best product brings to the public space: a product with good design, safe, manufactured and installed with quality, thanks to the knowledge and the innovation.

The key to any professional activity (also personal): passion. Taken to our field, there is nothing more exciting than the certainty that our daily work is transformed into positive experiences for children, greater happiness for communities and better health through physical activity. In the corporate world it is called business ethics, social responsibility, corporate humanism… In our sector it is called revitalizing public space, providing it with uses that contribute to improving people’s lives.

It is not about making money, it is about generating value, it is about serving the community and contributing to the development of people. Managing a company or designing a playground. I have been at Galopín for 2 years. There is no better place to find out.



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