Consuming Consciously and In Line With Our Values

After such an important date as the Christmas season, maybe it would be good to review our values ​​and analyse how we have acted on them during that period. It is true that we are bombarded from all sides with the fact that Christmas is loaded with shopping and gifts. No matter where we look, the impacts are constant: television, radio, internet, billboards, magazines, newspapers… they equate happiness to consumption: they convince us that without the second it is not possible to enjoy the first, if you don’t buy the second. Christmas will be sad seems to be the phrase of the collective subconscious…. This entails, first of all, a significant financial outlay which often throws family accounts out of balance; secondly, the frustration suffered when realizing that having material things does not make us happier; and last and very important, the fact of focusing all its meaning on the acquisition of objects, most of the time unnecessary, creating the anxiety of the material and immediate and not enjoying quality time or the wealth of small and simple things.

Luckily more and more people and groups are looking for sustainability and moderation during this campaign and in general in their day to day. Because consumerism, in addition to being an unsustainable trend over time, spends not only personal resources but those of our environment, which it should be remembered are not endless. That is why we should be aware of the importance of valuing what we have, spending quality moments with our loved ones and appreciating everything that is around us.

It seems that there is an imaginary line that divides sustainable thinking from the one that is not. And not only at Christmas. On the one hand, very often, the big marketing campaigns invite us to consume permanently and as a synonym of status and happiness and in contrast, on the other hand, those of us who believe in moderation and in finding well-being in what surrounds us, in life experiences, which finally and as many studies show, are these experiences that contribute us, fill us and give us satisfaction; and all in perfect harmony and balance with the environment in which we live.


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