The Relationship Between Exercise And Our Health

In recent years, numerous studies have shown the close relationship between sport, diet and health. Our ancestors had much fewer health problems caused by sedentary lifestyle; healthier meals, more physical works, fewer means of transportation or less economic means, among others, made them forced to move more or make biger efforts. Nowerdays, we move less every time as, in general, our jobs are more static and technology absorbs us. Besides, we also have a much longer life expectancy, often in poor condition as the lifestyle we were leading brings with it numerous diseases or health problems that are accentuated as we get older: diabetes, obesity, various types of cancer, certain dementias, mobility problems.

At Galopín we are aware of the importance of “moving”, we have always insisted on the need to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally and hence our continuous reiteration about the benefits of nature, forest baths, walks in the open air…. As a consequence of this way of thinking, the Health and Fitness range was born. Directed to an audience of different ages, with different abilities and capacities. Depending on the target, there are fitness elements, bicycle circuits to walk with the family, sports tracks to play, circuits to encourage mobility, areas for the elderly … all of them have the advantage of not needing the support of a coach since they are for generic use, and are also designed to be located outdoors even combining with any of our ranges of children’s spaces. This last feature, which may not seem important, means that we have no excuse to train since we can take advantage of the time our children or grandchildren spend in the park to do some exercise as well.


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