The Imagination Of The Child A Design Inspiration

When carrying out projects for children’s areas, which must also be adapted to different environments and situations, we find a great technical, regulatory and urban complexity that we will have to solve for a correct developmen. Thus, being able to create a safe space well related to its place of implantation and population profile, in such a way that it provides a necessary service and improves that environment.

But all this functional complexity remains without its true essence if we do not appreciate that the project must intrigue children and that at all times the design must be conceived from their vision. We have all been children once, then, that is why each member of our team works without losing sight of this premise. The children’s imaginary mixes elements of everyday life or reality with fantastic elements close to literature such as stories or comics or history. His fresh and creative vision of the world never ceases to amaze us adults who, little by little, have been losing, since adolescence, that interaction with the ideas of childhood. However, this thinking that relates a priori disconnected concepts has been the germ of some of the great scientific and artistic ideas that have made humanity evolve, so this innate capacity of children that we usually relate with naivety, is actually origin of intelligence or, what is the same, play is creativity.



Whoever designs playgrounds, will take into account that a great diversity of accessories must be introduced in the play elements, which allow maximum playability such as, swing, sway, climb, move, interact with the other, touch, move elements, slide, etc that allow the child to play freely in the space by selecting the different accessories and routes that he chooses, personalizing his fun.

But what is also interesting for the designer is that these accessories are related to a theme of the child’s imagination, so that their free play, both individually and collectively, generates different roles and narratives. That is why the design of the park and the play elements can be associated, for example, with a giant prehistoric vegetation or with ships and marine animals or space rockets …, that is, everything that reflects the adventures that they often represent in their drawings. Because children’s drawings are full of incredible worlds that can serve as inspiration for every designer. It is good not to forget that infinite creative capacity … that we have all had at some time. 

** Thanks to the artists for letting their imagination run wild and getting us excited with these beautiful drawings.

Galopín Free Play


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