My Dog Mambo Goes To The Park

I grew up in a village next to my grandmother’s house, that had a farm, and it was there that I developed my unconditional love for animals. Dogs have always been my favorites, by far, and I have tried to keep them around my entire life. That is why when for professional reasons I decided to move to A Coruña, finding a suitable area with an environment suitable for Mambo was my priority. Mambo is my dog ​​and a very important part of my family and he evidently came with me on this new adventure. The change was going to be remarkable for both of us, because apart from moving to a place that I did not know, I would go from living in the country to living in the city. And, if I had to adapt, he had to adapt much more. I became obsessed with looking for an area for day to day, with green spaces nearby, pleasant places where I could walk with him, away from stress and noise, and where I could disconnect in my leisure time. And then I discovered Bens Park, a great natural extension, with walking paths, ponds, wooded areas, picnic areas and incredible views. It also has several playgrounds and a sports circuit, but what I liked the most is that it also has a canine area, an indication that they are beginning to take us into account when designing spaces in cities since every time we are most those who decide to share our lives with our pets. In Galopín it was clear to them for a long time ago. In fact, the first job that the company entrusted me due to that affection for animals was to design the Canes Range, which I did with great care and delicacy, excited, thinking about my dog but at the same time thinking that It was crazy as at that time, 13 years ago, except in professional circuits, no one was dedicating time, money and efforts to pets. But luckily I was wrong, and institutions are increasingly interested in this type of multipurpose area.

Bens Park is an example, but in A Coruña there are four more, and growing.

Bens Park is a space in which we can all enjoy and live together: children, adults, teenagers, adults, athletes, grandparents, and of course, our unconditional friends, animals, and also has a large number of services, shelters, benches, electricity, water, bins and grooming area for pets. Sometimes, when living in the city, we forget that dogs need to be dogs: running freely, socializing with other dogs and with other people, sniffing, following tracks …, and in spaces like this they can cover all these needs without leaving the city and we, the owners, can be calm when giving them these areas that are a source of well-being. Bens Park’s canine area, largely made up of elements from the Canes Range by Galopin, is large, green, with an obstacle course specially designed for dogs and closed around the perimeter, so that we can release them safely. Although when I have more time on weekends, days off or vacations, I try to find more remote and lost places where I can take Mambo and where we both relax, having this type of space close, gives me the peace of mind that Mambo and his friends are a little happier.

Galopín Free Play
Galopín Free Play


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