How Nice It Is To Have A Dog!

With this title you can think that EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL, but the beauty of having a dog is accepting both the bad and the good moments that happens between them. First of all, we must make a point clear, A DOG IS NOT A TOY to just have fun with and pay attention to when you have some time. A dog implies responsibilities, but like everything in life, that it implies responsibilities does not mean that it is not beautiful. The beauty of the relationship with a dog is the trust and emotional well-being that they transmit to us through their unconditional love and support, that moment when you enter the house and they are waiting for you at the door, that feeling that transmits you joy, all these emotions and feelings that are being forged at the same time that both of you are learning from each other. The happiness of both when you begin to see that it finds a home in your house, when it learns where its place to sleep is or when it recognizes its name. The beauty of having a dog is not concentrated in a single moment, but in all those little experiences and lessons that you share and that remain in your eyes.

Also, there is nothing purer than the love of a dog, you are his sun. You can see it every time you come home and there he is… dropping everything to welcome you, he can even pee with excitement, and that’s wrong (because he has to learn where he can pee), but at the same time it’s okay and you can only hug him and kiss him. When you realize he is an essential in your life, he is one more, he becomes so essential that when you book a restaurant you ask if they allow dogs, he is one more of your family.

Another discussion is where a dog should be. APARTMENT OR HOUSE. I have lived all my life in a house with a large garden and there has always been a dog in it. Unfortunately, it is not the same as always, first it was Lassie and now it is Rex. Because if there is something that is really sad when it comes to having a dog, it is that, like everything in life, it is not forever. Now I live in an apartment and I have Kira (don’t worry, Rex is still well accompanied by my parents) and having lived in both, it’s clear to me that the upbringing in one has nothing to do with the other. And it is that in a house the dog is much more free, to put it in some way, since he will not have bathroom schedules and will be able to run around as much as he wants and whenever he wants. However, in a flat he will always be much more limited. I have always been a defender of the house and living the other option is even clearer to me. Well, when Kira arrives at her “summer” houses and runs around all she wants, I see her maximum happiness in her eyes. This does not mean that she is not happy in the apartment, but I would say that it is not the same.

And yes, many of you will read this and say it is a dog, not a baby, but both are living beings that feel and suffer, each one implies certain responsibilities and a different relationship is forged with each one. For me KIRA AND REX are my dog children, I understand that some people don’t understand it, but at the moment my dogs have transmitted more emotions to me than some people.



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