“Your body, your gym” have you ever heard this phrase? Its essence refers to calisthenics, an activity that is based on physical exercise with your own body weight. Despite being such an ancient practice, calisthenics is increasingly recognized by people, so its presence in public spaces is now essential. The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words “kallos” (meaning beauty) and “sthenos” (meaning strength). Like the origin of its etymology, calisthenics also has its origins in the times of Greek civilization, where athletes and warriors of that time trained with their own body weight. Maybe the words <<street workout>> sound familiar to you. They refer to calisthenics, this designation is due to the way it is done since it began to be done on the street. Today, that has not changed, many people still practice it on the street, in parks specialized for these exercises or even in gyms.

Despite being such an old practice, it is increasingly recognized by people. This is why it is increasingly necessary for there to be public spaces specialized in this practice. Currently, calisthenics focuses on exercises such as squats, leg curls, dips, sit-ups, jumps or arm push-ups… To carry out this type of exercises Galopín offers you different facilities such as horizontal bars or abdominal benches among other elements for the development of agility, strength and flexibility, with work based on the movement of your own body weight.Physical activity is of vital importance for our health, and calisthenics is a good way to do it, thanks to all the benefits and advantages it provides, it encourages you to do sports.

What advantages and benefits do you think calisthenics can offer you?[1]

  • It can be done anywhere and at any time, although the ideal is to practice it in a park, since it is a specialized space in which you can set up an exercise routine.

  • The investment can be zero, in the case of practicing it on the street or in a park you do not need to pay a gym fee, the only thing you will need will be the desire! This benefit also supports inclusivity, as it is free, regardless of your economic level, you can access the same media.

  • Global physical improvement. Without realizing it, different parts of the body are worked at the same time, which allows you to improve your physical condition in a global and uniform way.

  • Thanks to calisthenics, the position of the body and the healthy technique of different movements improve, so day-to-day movements will be more comfortable and less aggressive.


    Calisthenics can be very fun, although there are some basic exercises, they can be infinite, the limit is set by your imagination!

  • Calisthenics increases social cohesion among fans of this sport, sharing exercises or sharing experiences promotes inclusion and increases social relationships.

Calisthenics can be done anywhere, however, doing it in parks is the best option. Having the opportunity to do sports outdoors, recharge with vitamin D in the sun, be able to access a wide variety of free facilities for the development of calisthenics and be able to socialize with people who share similar interests as you is a real luxury. The advantages are endless, but we must also take into account possible risk factors, for example, parks must be safe and comply with regulations. At Galopín we are very aware of this, which is why we always make an exhaustive selection of materials. Furthermore, at Galopín we have different certifications that confirm that our equipment is safe. We have two different types of certifications, those certified by EN16630:2015 for Fixed Physical Training Equipment Installed Outdoors, and those certified double by EN16630 and EN16899 for Sports and Recreational Equipment. Parkour Equipment.

In conclusion, remember that calisthenics is a good way to exercise to improve your strength and flexibility but always prioritize your safety by choosing the right place to train. A park with good facilities and good maintenance can make a difference in your experience. Enjoy the freedom of calisthenics safely with Galopín parks!



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