Disconnection and Wellness

We are in the middle of summer and the increase in daylight hours invites us to enjoy the outdoors. The pandemic helped us to realize that any time is a good time to get away and breathe fresh air and nature, and also to enjoy leisure and socializing activities to a greater extent, which maybe we leave aside a little more during the rest of the year, usually because the daily obligations absorb us.

From here we invite you to especially enjoy this period; alone or in the company of your friends, your family, your pets…; and that you have fun in the way that makes you happy: reading, walking, chatting, doing sports, playing… We have always insisted on the importance of disconnection, surrounding ourselves with natural spaces and living in harmony with them, because, as studies in this regard show, and numerous experts insist, we consider it essential for health.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but the greater the technological advances and the stress of day to day life, the less we value the little things that help us to disconnect, and this makes that in the end our body and mind suffer. Since, although a lot of technology makes our lives easier and simplifies certain tasks, it is also true that others, such as mobile phones, computers, … take up our time, usually consuming our free time. To alleviate this situation, we must understand that we must monitor the duration we dedicate to social networks, series platforms, social games… and other types of leisure that can become unhealthy, especially in the case of the most fragile and vulnerable people how are the kids. You have to spend time and control the periods and above all share the hours of leisure with them.

Galopín has a wide range of options with which to complement part of the time off, without undermining other equally important activities. Thus, for the little ones and up to 14 years old, we have a wide range of options that materialize in our ranges or our themes and that can be visited throughout the globe. Also, continuing with the game, there is Xogo, a different and exclusive concept that children of all ages will love. On our website you can visit the main (but not all) locations of our spaces for children to disconnect from the long and hard course, and from their daily activities. In addition, and especially for them, we have devised a photo contest for these summer months whose bases you can consult on our Facebook. On the other hand, for teenagers, who are already on their own, and need to forge their identity and enjoy their space, there are different alternatives for them to practice sports, get together and measure their strength. There are also options for adults, with elements of exercise, coordination and flexibility. And lastly for puppies, our Canes range is optimal so that furry ones can enjoy their space and us with them.

At Galopín all our efforts are in the same line, doing what we know how to do best thanks to our extensive experience of more than 30 years in the design and manufacture of play spaces: create healthy and biophilic environments that contribute to a symbiosis between the individual and the environment, since in this way we also collaborate in the well-being of people. The people, who in the end are what matters.


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