Elan Vital

Nowadays it is normal to insist on unnatural topics. Human existence never lived so well; and at the same time, it was never so bad. Why? Bodily needs exceed survival, reaching the greatest natural anomaly ever known. In the words of Mises; “Irrational, it can be said, is how much man finds given that in the universe; that is to say, all those realities that the human mind cannot analyze or decompose… it is neither more nor less rational to pursue wealth like a Croesus than to aspire to poverty like a Buddhist monk”

Will there be any inflection about the creation of needs? Are there pendulum cycles? What restlessness will humanity have in 100 or 200 years? Will there be happiness in the individual? Society will advance, but eudaemonism in individuals will continue to be analogous to that of the Greeks. The epicurean ataraxia represents the state of happiness and perfect contentment to which all human activity tends, but she; it is never fully achieved; Let’s remember that the needs are infinite.

What world does the individual hold? Or better yet; What individuals do we leave to the world?


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