A Back to School with New Challenges

Summer is over and we are back to the routine. Every September we start a new academic year and with it, as happens every January, we have the feeling that we are presented with a new opportunity to look back and review those things that could be improved and set updated individual goals. or different.

However, it would also be interesting, from a social and educational point of view, to establish more global objectives that directly affect our childhood. Most of our children suffer an excessive load of tasks in their day to day each year caused by the maelstrom to which we adults are subjected. Thus, the impossibility in most cases, to reconcile; or the idea that a high level of activity is necessary, or even another deeply rooted belief in our society, such as high competitiveness, understood as an undoubted characteristic to be the best in front of your friends and colleagues. s are events that have an impact on the physical and mental health of children. They are the ones who suffer marathon days between classes and numerous activities, which do not allow them to enjoy or have time for boredom or frustration, since this is understood as something very negative, and of course there are hours and hours of stress to throughout the year, which prevent them from resting, playing, socializing, training and even exerting themselves freely, without being directed.

If we want a society made up of responsible and judicious adults, it is time to stop, analyze and propose new ways of educating and living for our childhood.


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