Gil Eannes

Location: Parque Infantil da Praia Norte. Av. de Figueiredo, Viana do Castelo (Portugal).

Surface: 3060 m2

Materials: boat composed of lacquered aluminum poles, HPL panels, stainless steel slides and polyamide ropes with steel cables.

Size: boat of 26,5×16,3 x6,8 m.

Age: from 1 to 14 years old.

Capacity: boat with capacity for 70 users.


 About the Project

Based on the Gil Eannes hospital ship, this project was born to be a play space that pays tribute to the seafaring history of Viana do Castelo. This ship, which is the central axis of the park, is fragmented, allowing it to be perceived from a distance as a single element, while up close, it differentiates from areas of universal access and with elements for young children, to a large central tower for the elderly. The space is completed with other references from the catalog and some small boats, which emulate the cod fishing boats in Terranova.

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