The WOW Space


Location:  Commercial Center Plaza Río 2,  Av. Del Manzanares 210, 28026 Madrid.

Surface: 100 m2

Materials: laquered steel, stainless steel, LED lights, polyamide strings with steel cables,  cuerdas de poliamida con cables de acero, hardened glass, HPL, polycarbonate.

Size: labyrinth of 2,0 x 7,6 x 7,6 meters, slide of 7,5 meters.

Age: from 7 to 14 years.

Capacity: 40 users.


 About the Project

The challenge of this project was to get the play area fully integrated within the commercial center, while still creating a surprise effect, making the playground the center of attention. This play space combines maximal playability with a small surface, because of the design of the vertical maze and the three large hanging nodes. At the end of the bridge, a huge slide awaits that, due to its transparence, can be clearly seen by anyone close to the center. 

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