Location: Gándara, 15570 Narón, La Coruña.

Surface: 465 m2

Materials: galvanized and lacquered aluminium, shot-blasted and lacquered steel, stainless steel and polyamide ropes with steel cables.

Size: Noreto of 13x10x8,8 metros and Noroc of 3,9×2,5×3 m.

Age: from 3 to 14 years old.

Capacity: 57 users.


 About the Project

Very light and subtle structures that do not overload the environment and that are based on geometry. As the main element that gives personality to the playground, there is a nest raised by three posts that looks like a cabin in a tree. Playing with these geometric shapes we also have a climbing wall with two joined nodules. These two elements stimulate climbing and balance. The nodes refer to the famous cells of the Weaire-Phelan physicists who try to find the basic geometric element that allows the maximum efficiency of space. The sculptor Tomás Saraceno also plays with similar forms in his works, which shows his aesthetic component.

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