The Box

Location: Goietako Plaza, 4, 48100, Munguía, Bizkaia.

Surface: 420 m2

Materials: laquered steel, stainless steel, laminated wood,  HPDE panels, polyamide strings with steel cables.

Size: main volume of 12 x 3 meter. Height: 5,65 meter.

Age: from 4 to 14 years.

Capacity: 60 users.


 About the Project

This great box is inspired by the modular containers used in modern industrial design. Its structure consists of steel and a skin of laminated wooden slats that enable the kids to peek through the structure, to see the kids that are before or after them on the trail. The result is an elegant, minimalistic and very entertaining design: a safe but still highly challenging playground for the little ones.

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