Waves and Boat

Location: Centro Comercial Vialia Vigo. Praza Estación, 1, 36201 Vigo, Pontevedra.

Surface: 375 m2

Materials: main structure in lacquered steel polyamide strings with steel cables, braided polyamide ropes with braided steel cables inside, waves mades with fluted aluminium profiles with non-slip lacquer, enclosures in lacquered micro-perforated aluminum sheet and slide in stainless steel, with polycarbonate cover and integrated LED lighting.

Size: boat of 17 x 8 meter. Height: 6,8 meter.

Age: from 2 to 14 years.

Capacity: 70 users.


 About the Project

The ensemble of the ship and the waves contains different layers of play to create a universal space where every child can enjoy. In the area both physical activities and sensory play can be found. As in a set design, we have taken into account the visitor’s perception when creating this unique play space.

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