X-pace Algemesí

Location: Parc Bernat Guinovart 46680 Algemesí, Valencia.

Surface: 100 m2

Materials: X-pace with galvanized pillars. Nodules with a mixed structure of aluminium, stainless steel and HDPE faces with a rubbery finish. Tunnels and slide made respectively with rods and stainless steel sheet. Transparent polycarbonate skylights. Polyamide strings with steel cables and polyurethane resin holds.

Size: X-pace of 6,9×6,5×5,8 m.

Age: from 4 to 14 years old.

Capacity: X-pace with capacity for 18 users.


 About the Project

X-PACE, the central axis of this space, is a play element aimed at children over 4 years of age, designed from pure geometric shapes made up of two main structures, joined together by a rod tunnel and with a tubular slide that starts from the highest structure, closing in a circuit. The main geometric element on which the game design revolves is the truncated octahedron, a 14-sided polyhedron whose uniqueness consists in that it is the only semiregular polyhedron that can fill the space by repeating itself.

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