Xogo: Designing Unique Play Spaces

The current trend to make our cities and public spaces more friendly, beautiful and healthy environments is increasingly accentuated. A world in which the game takes on a fundamental aspect due to its ability to promote socialization and integration and to enrich the quality of children life and by extension of all habitants too. This has always been the main objective of Galopín Playgrounds, a company based in Cerceda (A Coruña) that is a benchmark in the design and manufacture of high-quality playgrounds, betting on pedagogy and free play.


In order to develop the passion for improving the environments we inhabit, in 2020 Galopín Playgrounds created XOGO, a division specialized in the design and manufacture of made-to-measure play spaces. Oriented to the premium sector, its projects breathe creativity, elegance and fun from the global image to the construction details.


XOGO spaces are surprising places that provide an identity to the place where they are integrated, with the ability to transform urban flows and dynamics to attract users. They are architectural spaces that use biophilic design patterns and pedagogical criteria to provide the greatest possible benefit to their users. In addition, they include a diverse gameplay that allows integrating children with different abilities and interests, from those who choose quiet spaces to those who want to reach the top.


The development of these projects occurs thanks to the facilities shared with Galopín Playgrounds: a unique combination of offices, factory and garden. This symbiosis allows the transit of knowledge and enrichment between professionals from different disciplines, as well as the mastery of the best materials and constructive solutions. The factory is a large library of resources, as well as a test laboratory where you can innovate, create prototypes and find new solutions.

A great human team is the heart of XOGO and Galopín Playgrounds, with a great multidisciplinary knowledge that encompasses architecture, urban planning, anthropology, pedagogy, industrial design, manufacturing and installation. Thanks to this, it is possible to offer elaborate designs that are structurally and normatively feasible from the first moment and to master the entire process from the first sketches to the final installation.


In the last year XOGO has developed different projects (as Atanor, Xpace, The Lemon Tree or Lilac Bud) that show its ability to create playing areas adapted to the specific needs of each client and each place. The result are spaces full of life that contribute to making our cities a better place to live.


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