Sustainability Within A Business Model

Sustainability is a basic concept that is present in our daily lives, but… are we clear about its meaning? Sustainability looks for satisfying the needs of today’s society, without compromising that of future generations, guaranteeing a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social welfare.

When we design our spaces at Galopín, we keep in mind at all times both the concept of sustainability, as well as the concepts of environmental impact and life cycle analysis.

With the aim of reducing the environmental impact, we employ various strategies, starting with the development of new concepts that propose improvement options from the point of view of the user, installers, maintainers, … We also focus on the optimization of materials, both from the point of view of reducing consumption such as the use of recycled and reusing materials. We minimize the environmental impact of production processes, reducing energy consumption, through the use of green energy, minimizing the use of materials and waste generation. We also optimize logistics, making the most of space, and using packaging with less environmental impact, lighter and recyclable.

Through life cycle analysis, we evaluate the impact that our spaces can have on the environment throughout their entire life cycle, from obtaining raw materials and manufacturing, to shipping, use, maintenance and disposal. All this is quantified with various input variables, such as energy resources and raw materials, and output variables, such as environmental emissions and waste. In this way, we can make objective comparisons between different products and processes, and thus assess the various environmental impact factors, with the goal of continuing to be a little more sustainable day by day.


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